Periods 101

Everything you should have been taught in school about periods.

Did you know you can tell when you ovulate with a thermometer? Or that your experience of sex changes with your menstrual cycle? Did you know that your menstrual blood can give an idea of how thick your endometrial lining is? Or that just keeping track of your cycle can improve common problems like pms or migraines?

There is so much I had to teach myself about how my body works and that's just not right! This course gives you the absolute nitty gritty details of the female body. It even gives you natural ways of dealing with some of the more common period problems too! Because we shouldn't have to just suffer through them, just 'cause we're womxn!

We've been taught periods are a curse. We ignore them thinking we just have to put up with it. But this isn't the case! Periods are a sign of our overall wellness, a sign we can learn to read.


The course has equipped me with all the tools I need to live in total alignment with my cycle. - Anoushka, a previous student


  1. Video lectures from Natasha
  2. Worksheets to chart your hormones on
  3. Pdf help sheets and printable resources
  4. PCOS ebook
  5. Endometriosis and Adenomyosis ebook
  6. Fibroids ebook
  7. Bonus material from Into the Wylde on how to maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome
  8. Bonus material on the menopause
  9. Bonus: how to choose herbs to work with

The course is made of the following sections.


  • 1 - Period Products & Why we consider periods a curse
  • 2 - What's a normal menstrual cycle? Function and Dysfunction
  • 3 - Charting your cycle: discovering your super-powers
  • 4 - Seasons of the menstrual cycle: going with the flow


The course helped me feel less guilty about struggling so much to get stuff done - Jess Duffin, blogger and previous student


Your Instructor

Natasha Richardson
Natasha Richardson

My name is Natasha and I've have been a medical herbalist since 2010. I graduated from Lincoln University with a passion for women's health. My dissertation was on herbs during pregnancy and I went on to train as a doula and antenatal teacher. These things have informed my practice where I treat women with menstrual issues like Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Fibroids, PCOS and pain conditions, through to fertility problems, pregnancy, birth and menopause! Each stage of a woman's life we struggle to find natural answers for common problems. But I hope that this course will help women know about their bodies and trust their instincts in finding natural answers again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do the course if I take a hormonal contraceptive?
Yes you can do the course, I've given different ways of charting for those on and off hormonal contraceptives. I have included charts to show how the symptoms you're experiencing whilst on a hormonal contraceptive are not related to a normal hormone cycle. I learnt the information taught in this course while I was still taking the pill and then used the information once I decided to swap to a natural form of contraceptive. I do not recommend ceasing your hormonal contraceptive without doing a lot of research and seeking advice from your doctor/family planner.
What if I have a hormonal condition?
I've included hypothetical charts for people with Endometriosis, Fibroids and PCOS. The course also has bonus material on remedies for those imbalances. If you're having to take hormonal treatment for your condition I do not recommend ceasing that without consulting your health advisor. This course will not treat the condition but it will support you with some of the symptoms you may experience.
What if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?
If you're pregnant or breastfeeding the charts you'll learn to create won't be of much use till you starts to have periods again. If you want to take the course for future application that is totally up to you. I feel like everyone should have been taught this at school regardless of the choices they would make later in life.
What if I'm too busy?
I recommend doing a module each week. This won't take more than an hour of your time each week. You almost certainly will have to make time for it. If you can't make our live calls you can watch the recording after.
What if I don't have periods?
Then you won't find the course applicable till you do. If you don't have periods for medical reasons, you can contact me personally for some personalised advice on if the course has any value to you.


The course has made me feel empowered and connected to my natural rhythm and its equipped me with all the tools I need to live in total alignment with my cycle. Thank you Natasha for so bravely committing to this work ~ this is crucial knowledge that every woman should know ~ we should all know how to track our cycles ~ how to harmonise with our cycle ~ and how to be off the pill ~ most importantly we should be educated on this in schools ~ If schools won't pick this up then it is our duty to do the research, to learn so we can teach our daughters and they can teach theirs. This is our responsibility. I couldn't recommend this course more - Anoushka creator of The Goddess Space

"This course has been excellent. I loved the emphasis on my PMS being natural and normal. I had no idea that I could keep track of my hormones myself. Now I know how to use my pre-menstrual time productively. Just having the information ready feels like it'll change my life. I especially liked learning about the psychosocial elements to my hormone cycle. I won't ignore or brush off my PMS like I used to again."

- Rity Sainsbury

"The course has totally changed the way I think about my PMS. What a revolution! Now I see it as a strength. When I'm approaching my PMS I know what I need to do to plan my time and make it as smooth as possible. I'm finally starting to embrace being a woman rather than seeing it as a hindrance! Thank you."

- Margaret

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